Why did Trump get angry, Biden’s team was also ready when he went to the Supreme Court?

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The U.S. presidential election continues to count, and following early trends, Republican Party candidate President Donald Trump has started to wince as Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden begins to overtake the election. They threatened to go to the Supreme Court to stop and count the votes on accusations of manipulation and cheating. Trump sat up and said, “Let’s be right, we won this election” while falling far short of the 270 electoral votes required for victory. At the time of this writing, Trump had received 213 and Biden 234 votes.

Biden has increased her lead by winning all four Hawaii votes. Suddenly, the former president has gained an advantage in Wisconsin as well, which is considered a bit unexpected. Biden’s campaign team said his legal team would be “fully prepared” if Trump continues his “bigoted” threat to go to the Supreme Court to stop the election count. Biden’s campaign manager Jane O’Malley Dillon has described Trump’s topmost statement as “garbage and absurd”.

In fact, Trump and Biden’s center of gravity is now in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which can determine the seat of the White House. Four years ago, these three states occupied Trump and reached the White House. Then these states will prove important. Trump won Florida and Biden took the lead by winning the battle in Arizona.
Biden said earlier: “It’s nice where we are.” Of course we think so. I will say that we are on our way to win this election. “He also said,” We’re feeling really good in Wisconsin and Michigan and we’re going to win Pennsylvania until the count is over. ”

Around the same time, Trump tweeted about his false claims and complaints about the electoral process, which Twitter dismissed as offensive. Trump had tweeted “pretty high” and “they are trying to steal the election.”

Both Trump and Biden find themselves in a fierce battle in critical combat states. In some important countries, counting continues at times, as the first votes, especially those of the Post, are cast in large numbers. But that much is certain that Trump’s defeat will not be one-sided, as some campaign experts claimed. Jason Miller, a senior member of Trump’s campaign team, told reporters on Tuesday, “We’re in a very comfortable position in the field.” We feel good about the situation. ”